A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 205

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 205

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is a manhwa that follows Desir Arman, a military student who returns back in time after being killed on the battlefield. The story focuses on Desir as he tries to change the future by using his magical knowledge from the future.

In the previous chapters, Desir continued his adventures at the Ortin Magic Academy, befriending his classmates Pram and Romantica. He also began investigating the suspicious activities of the Epholite adventurers guild.

In chapter 205, tensions continue to rise as Desir uncovers more of the Epholite guild’s plans. Pram hatches her own scheme to infiltrate the guild. Meanwhile, Romantica finds herself in grave danger. The story continues to unfold in exciting and unexpected ways.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

Summary of Previous Chapters

In the previous chapters leading up to chapter 205 of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, several key events have transpired:

  • Desir Arman, the protagonist, continues trying to uncover and stop the schemes of the villainous Pram Nightingale. Her ultimate goal is to take control of the Adventurers Guild and use it for her own ambitions.
  • Through clever political maneuvering, Pram was able to get herself appointed as the vice head of the Adventurers Guild. She has been using this position to manipulate rules and regulations to benefit herself.
  • Attempting to consolidate her power, Pram conspired to have several senior adventurers who opposed her expelled from the Guild on false charges. This included Desir’s friend Romantica.
  • Romantica was framed for murdering prisoners and abusing her authority. After a sham trial, she was found guilty and exiled. Desir believes Pram fabricated evidence and testimony to get the verdict she wanted.
  • Desir hatched a plan to clear Romantica’s name and reveal Pram’s misdeeds. He snuck into the prison holding the witnesses and extracted a confession that their testimony was falsified under coercion.
  • Armed with this evidence, Desir interrupted Romantica’s exile convoy on the road. He was able to exonerate her and prove that Pram’s witnesses lied under oath. This undermines Pram’s power and influence.
  • In retaliation, Pram accused Desir and Romantica of obstructing justice with contempt for the legal process. She tries to use this as justification to expel them from the Guild as well.
  • Desir and Romantica flee, becoming fugitives from the law. They aim to gather more proof of Pram’s illicit actions.

This ongoing conflict leads into the events of chapter 205. Both sides are seeking to gain the upper hand through cunning strategies and political moves.

Chapter 205 Synopsis

Chapter 205 picks up right where chapter 204 left off, with Desir barely escaping Pram’s trap. Though he managed to teleport out at the last second, Desir is left seriously injured and exhausted.

Desir collapses in an alley, unable to move. Meanwhile, Pram surveys the damage she’s caused, furious that Desir escaped. She swears she’ll capture him no matter what.

The story then cuts to Romantica, who is being held captive by Pram’s adventurer group. They plan to publicly execute her as punishment for Desir’s crimes. Romantica refuses to beg for mercy, accepting her fate.

Back to Desir, he’s discovered by a passing nun who takes him to the church to recover. We learn of the nun’s backstory and her connection to the church. Once Desir regains consciousness, he knows he must rescue Romantica before it’s too late.

Despite his injuries, Desir sneaks out of the church and makes his way to where Romantica is being held. He arrives just in time to stop the execution. An intense fight breaks out between Desir and Pram’s adventurers.

At a disadvantage, Desir is beaten to a pulp but refuses to stay down. His perseverance buys enough time for the city guard to arrive and break up the fight. Desir succeeds in saving Romantica’s life, though at great personal cost.

The chapter ends with both sides retreating to fight another day. Desir is left wondering how he’ll ever defeat Pram and her powerful allies.

Desir’s Dilemma

In chapter 205, Desir is faced with an impossible decision. Despite Romantica being his enemy, Desir struggles internally about whether he should kill her.

On one hand, Romantica poses a serious threat if left alive. As one of the Seven Sins, she is incredibly powerful and has already shown she will stop at nothing to kill Desir and his friends. Letting her live risks more innocent lives being lost.

However, Desir grapples with taking a life in cold blood. While killing monsters and beasts comes naturally in his role as an adventurer, killing a human—especially one he knows—goes against his morals. Desir reflecting on his past life as a soldier highlights how much trauma he carries from the violence he’s had to commit before.

Additionally, Desir worries that killing Romantica out of vengeance could put him on a dark path. He doesn’t want to lose himself or jeopardize his relationships with his friends over one act of murder, no matter how justified it may seem. Desir fears becoming the very evil he is trying to defeat.

In the end, Desir is torn. He wants to protect the innocent and stop Romantica, but not at the cost of his own humanity. This difficult decision weighs heavily on him as the fate of the entire kingdom hangs in the balance.

Pram’s Scheme

In chapter 205, Pram continues plotting to frame Romantica and remove her from power. Knowing that Romantica’s weakness is her love for Desir, Pram schemes to make it appear like Romantica used her magic to seduce and manipulate Desir against his will.

Pram plans to have Desir publicly accuse Romantica of controlling him with magic during the upcoming adventurer competition. This would turn public opinion against Romantica and give the adventurers leverage to remove her from her leadership role. Pram believes this false accusation would be very damaging given the recent controversy over magic users controlling regular citizens.

To pull this off, Pram intends to place Desir under her hypnotic magic to make him compliant. She will then have him ingest a potion that blocks Romantica’s magic from affecting him. This way, when Desir makes the false claims about Romantica, he will appear free of her control.

Pram’s scheme highlights her ruthlessness and willingness to exploit people’s fears over magic users. By framing Romantica, Pram aims to reassert the adventurers’ power and get Romantica stripped of her authority. Her plot poses a major threat, showcasing Pram as a cunning antagonist. However, it remains to be seen whether her deception will succeed.

Romantica’s Fate

The end of chapter 205 left Romantica in grave danger, with Desir frantically trying to save her life. After Pram’s deadly attack, Romantica was left bleeding out with severe injuries. Desir desperately cast healing spell after healing spell, but it’s unclear if it will be enough to save her.

Fans are hotly debating whether Romantica will live or die. On one hand, she is a major character in the story, and her death would profoundly impact Desir and the plot going forward. However, this series hasn’t shied away from killing off important characters before.

There are compelling arguments on both sides. Some say that Romantica is too important to the overall story, and has too much left to accomplish, for the author to kill her off now. Her complex relationship with Desir is just beginning to deepen, so it seems unlikely the author would cut that short so abruptly. On the other hand, the severity of her injuries from Pram’s attack makes her survival questionable. The author may decide to use her death to fuel Desir’s character development and set him firmly on the path of revenge against Pram.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to say with certainty whether Romantica will live or die at this point. Fans will have to anxiously await the next chapter to learn her fate. Her life hangs precariously in the balance, and the suspense over whether Desir can save her is reaching its peak. This daring cliffhanger is sure to have profound implications for the rest of the series, regardless of whether the beloved Romantica survives or meets her demise. Only time will tell what the author has planned for her and the fans.

Adventurer Politics

After his escape from the Black Forest, Desir has learned that politics between adventurers is more complex than he realized. The adventurers seem to be divided into factions based on their attitudes and allegiances.

On one side are adventurers loyal to the crown and the Magic Tower’s leadership like Romantica. They follow orders and trust the hierarchy, even when assignments seem questionable.

On the other are rogue adventurers like Pram who distrust authority figures and act independently. They are willing to break rules and defy commands if they disagree with leadership’s motives.

In the middle are adventurers like Desir who want to do the right thing but get caught in the middle. They try to follow orders dutifully but speak up when missions seem unethical. However, their objections often go unheard by both loyalists and rogues.

This political rift means adventurers don’t fully trust each other. Loyalists view rogues as selfish troublemakers. Rogues view loyalists as blind followers. This divide has dangerous implications and weakens unity. Desir realizes he needs greater wisdom navigating these politics going forward.

Fan Reactions

Chapter 205 of _A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special_ sparked a lot of discussion and speculation among fans. This chapter revealed some major new developments that readers are still trying to unpack.

Many fans on discussion boards were shocked by the revelation that Pram is secretly plotting against Desir. Her motivations remain unclear, adding an intriguing new layer of complexity to her character. Fans are hotly debating what Pram’s endgame might be and whether she will turn out to be a protagonist or antagonist. Some think she may be trying to manipulate Desir for her own ends, while others believe she has good intentions.

Romantica’s fate also has fans worried. Her worsening condition places her in grave danger, raising the stakes for Desir. Fans are anxious to see if he can find a way to save her before it’s too late. Many are speculating on what magic or allies Desir might need to help Romantica.

The political maneuvering among the adventurers is heating up as well. Fans enjoyed getting more insight into the different factions vying for influence. The adventurer politics seem poised to play a pivotal role moving forward. Fans are theorizing about which factions may ally with or betray Desir in the future.

Overall, chapter 205 sets up some tense conflicts and uncertainty headed into the next arc of the story. Fans are buzzing with anticipation about where the plot will go next and how Desir will respond to the new challenges before him. The latest chapter left people eager for more and inspired a lot of lively discussions across fan communities.

Looking Ahead

Chapter 205 of A Returner’s Magic Should be Special leaves us on several exciting cliffhangers that have fans eagerly anticipating what comes next.

It seems clear that Desir will have to make a difficult choice about whether to go along with Pram’s nefarious scheme or find an alternative solution. Given Desir’s character so far, I predict he will refuse to sacrifice innocent lives, even if it means putting his own team at greater risk. However, Desir is also extremely clever and resourceful, so he may devise a ingenious third option.

I believe Romantica’s fate hanging in the balance will motivate Desir’s team to fight harder than ever before. They have developed into a close-knit group, and losing Romantica would be devastating. I think they will rescue Romantica despite the challenges they face.

The political unrest and uneasy alliances among the adventurers guilds introduce new threats and opportunities. This instability could erupt into internal conflict between the guilds just as dangerous as the demonic invasion itself. However, it may also allow unexpected new partnerships to form. I anticipate both dynamics will play a pivotal role.

Most of all, I’m excited to see how Desir and his team’s magic abilities continue to advance. Each confrontation unveils new techniques and heights of magical mastery. The coming battles will surely reveal awesome new feats as Desir aims to stand against the demon king himself. With the stakes rising, I predict the magical action will reach unprecedented levels.

Judging by the mounting tension and unresolved threads, chapter 206 promises major upheavals, heart-pounding action, and unexpected twists. I can’t wait to read what happens next on this magical adventure!


This chapter of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special was certainly full of exciting developments that will leave fans eager for more.

To briefly summarize, Desir continues to grapple with the difficult decision of whether or not to support Pram’s risky plot against the Adventurer’s Guild. While he agrees change is needed, Desir worries about the potential for unintended consequences. However, it’s clear Pram will move forward with or without Desir’s help.

Meanwhile, Romantica’s fate remains uncertain after she was kidnapped by Carmen due to a case of mistaken identity. This plot twist shocked fans who are now desperately hoping Romantica can be rescued unharmed.

The political maneuvering within the Adventurer’s Guild underscores the tensions between noble and commoner adventurers. Pram seeks to upend the status quo, while the nobility aims to maintain control. Where Desir and his friends will fall amidst this power struggle is still unclear.

With so many unresolved threads, fans are ravenous to dive into the next installment. The stakes feel higher than ever, and readers are anxious to find out what happens next with these characters they’ve grown to love. Chapter 205 delivered intriguing new mysteries and dilemmas that will leave audiences pondering the possibilities for weeks to come.

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