Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier

Enslaved in Another World: Exploring the Twisted Isekai Premise of Chained Soldier


Chained Soldier is an upcoming dark fantasy anime series adapted from the popular manga of the same name. Created by mangaka Reo Kurosawa, the manga began serialization in Monthly Shonen Zombie in 2017 and has built up a devoted fanbase eager to see the series brought to life in anime form. With its blend of dark, mature themes and exciting action sequences, Chained Soldier generated buzz in the manga community as a twisted take on the isekai genre. Now, anime fans can finally experience the epic adventure for themselves when the Chained Soldier anime adaptation premieres on January 4, 2024.

Premise and Setting

Chained Soldier centers around Yuuki Wakura, a high school boy who suddenly finds himself transported to the demon city of Mato. As described in the manga’s synopsis on Animenewsnetwork, “One day, a down-in-the-dumps high school boy named Yuuki Wakura suddenly gets lost at the entrance of a demon city. There, he meets Kyoka Uzen, the beautiful female commander of the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Troops.” This alternate demon world that Yuuki gets dragged into serves as the primary setting of Chained Soldier.

After arriving in Mato, Yuuki meets Kyoka Uzen, commander of the 7th Squad according to the TVTropes summary. Although Kyoka rescues Yuuki, it comes at the price of enslaving him. This twisted isekai premise of an average high school student transported to a dark demon world sets the stage for the ecchi themes and monster battles that Chained Soldier becomes known for.

Main Characters

Yuuki Wakura is the protagonist of Chained Soldier. He is an ordinary high school student who suddenly finds himself transported to another world and enslaved by the Demon Defense Force. Despite his enslavement, Yuuki possesses a strong sense of justice and bravery. He is assigned to the 7th Squad under Commander Kyoka Uzen and must fight monsters. Over time, he gains skills and earns the trust and admiration of the squad members.

Kyoka Uzen is the stern commander of the Demon Defense Force’s 7th Squad. She initially treats Yuuki cruelly but slowly begins to recognize his determination. She is a skilled warrior who leads her squad faithfully. Though cold on the outside, she may develop feelings for Yuuki over time.

The 7th Squad consists of Yuuki and other enslaved soldiers. Members include Himari Azuma, a childhood friend of Kyoka who serves as deputy commander, and Shushu Suruga, a beastman slave known for her joking personality. Despite being slaves, the 7th Squad members become an important part of Yuuki’s new life.

Key Story Arcs

Some of the key story arcs in Chained Soldier focus on Yuuki’s enslavement and introduction to the Demon Defense Force, the battles he fights against various monsters and demons, and the relationships he develops with the female characters.

The beginning of the manga shows Yuuki Wakura being transported from Japan to an alternate world where he is captured and enslaved by the Demon Defense Force. He is assigned to the 7th Squad led by Commander Kyoka Uzen (Story Arcs | Mato Seihei no Slave Wiki – Fandom). This arc establishes the premise of Yuuki being forced to fight as a chained soldier.

As the manga progresses, there are battles against increasingly dangerous monsters and demons that Yuuki and the 7th Squad must fight. These action-packed arcs showcase the fantasy adventure elements of the series. Yuuki gains skills and battle experience, earning the trust and admiration of the squad (Chained Soldier).

Interspersed with the battles are ecchi scenes and Yuuki developing relationships with female characters like Kyoka and other squad members. The romantic subplots and ecchi elements are a major draw of the series for some fans.

Themes and Elements

Chained Soldier incorporates themes and elements common in dark fantasy and isekai anime. As an isekai series, it focuses on a normal high school student transported to an alternate world where he is enslaved. The harem and ecchi themes emerge as Yuuki encounters various female characters, including those in the 7th Squad he is forced to join.

Battles are central to the manga, as Yuuki must fight a range of monsters and demons alongside the 7th Squad. These epic fight scenes are a major draw for fans, as Yuuki unlocks new skills and earns the admiration of his comrades (Chained Soldier Anime’s New Promo Video Previews Opening Theme – Anime News Network). The dark fantasy setting also enables creative monster designs and perilous situations for the characters.

Overall, Chained Soldier skillfully combines popular elements like isekai transportation, harem relationships, ecchi encounters, and combat. This fusion of tropes is part of why the series appeals to manga and anime fans. The anime adaptation aims to bring these same engaging themes and elements to life visually.

Why the Hype?

Chained Soldier is generating a lot of buzz and anticipation among manga and anime fans for several reasons:

The dark fantasy and isekai genres remain incredibly popular, with series like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online continuing to dominate. Fans are eager for fresh twists on the isekai formula, and Chained Soldier’s darker premise offers something new and exciting.

The idea of an ordinary high school student forced into enslavement and combat in a dangerous alternate world is an intriguing hook. According to redditors on r/manga, this twisted take has readers eagerly following Yuuki’s journey and character development.

Dynamic female characters like Kyoka Uzen and the other members of the 7th Squad are also attracting a lot of positive attention. Their complex relationships and ecchi encounters with Yuuki add spice to the story.

The monster battles and fight scenes in the manga are epic in scale and creatively depicted by the author. Fans look forward to seeing these brought to life in the anime adaptation.

Overall, Chained Soldier strikes a balance between dark, edgy themes and fun harem elements that sets it apart. Manga readers are hyped to see how the story progresses, and for it to reach a wider audience through its 2024 anime release.

Anime Adaptation Details

The dark fantasy manga Chained Soldier is being adapted into an anime television series by animation studio Seven Arcs. The anime is set to premiere on January 4, 2024 in Japan, with worldwide streaming on Crunchyroll and Netflix to follow shortly after (Hindustan Times).

Fans eager to watch the anime adaptation can mark their calendars for January 4, 2024 when the first episode will air in Japan and stream on Crunchyroll. The series will also be available on Netflix, though the release date may vary by region. Check your local Netflix for availability.

The anime series is expected to closely follow the original manga story arcs and focus on the character Yuuki as he navigates his enslavement and battles against monsters. With stunning animation and faithfulness to the source material, Chained Soldier aims to capture fans of the manga while bringing new audiences into its dark fantasy world.


Chained Soldier offers a fresh dark take on the popular isekai genre that has dominated anime and manga in recent years. Unlike more lighthearted series, Chained Soldier features a darker, more twisted premise with its enslaved protagonist forced to battle monsters. This subversion of typical isekai tropes has helped the manga stand out and gain an enthusiastic fanbase.

While isekai series often focus on wish fulfillment or escapism, Chained Soldier also incorporates heavier themes like slavery, violence, and ecchi elements. The relatable high school boy protagonist takes on a new dimension as he endures enslavement in a fantasy world. Fans are eager to see these themes expanded upon in the upcoming anime adaptation.

With stunning visuals anticipated from the skilled anime studio, along with dynamic female characters and intense action scenes, the anime is expected to take the compelling manga and elevate it to new heights. Chained Soldier has proven the isekai genre still has fresh ground to cover, and fans eagerly await its adaptation in 2024 to see the dark fantasy series brought to life.

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