Chained Soldier Manga

Chained Soldier Manga

The Provocative World of Chained Soldier: Inside the Controversial Dark Fantasy Manga

Introduction to Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Ryuta Amazume that has gained popularity for its provocative themes and controversial content. First published in 2018 in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, the manga follows the protagonist Yuuki, a teenage boy who gets lost in another realm called Mato and becomes enslaved as a “Chained Soldier”.

With its graphic violence, sexual content, and edgy portrayal of slavery, Chained Soldier has generated significant controversy. Many critics have accused it of misogyny and exploitation, while others defend it as simply fantasy entertainment. But the manga has certainly made an impact for its unapologetic embrace of mature themes.

As Chained Soldier continues to find an audience drawn to its dark world, it will likely continue to divide opinions with its challenging subject matter. This article explores the manga’s story, themes and critical reception in depth.

Chained Soldier Manga

The Story and Setting of Chained Soldier

Chained Soldier opens with the story of Yuuki, a high school boy who gets lost and ends up wandering into the demon realm of Mato through a mysterious gate. Mato is described as a fantastical and dangerous place, filled with monsters and demons from myths and legends.

Upon arriving in Mato, Yuuki quickly finds himself attacked by monsters and subsequently captured and enslaved by the monstrous inhabitants there. He is fitted with a cursed collar and becomes a “chained soldier,” forced to fight for the monsters against human monster hunters. As a chained soldier, Yuuki loses his free will and is magically bound to follow his masters’ orders (Chained Soldier (manga) – Anime News Network).

The demon realm of Mato is an intricate dark fantasy setting, with its own history, politics, and social structures that Yuuki slowly uncovers. It is described as having seven areas or wards, each with different environments and monsters that correspond to classic legends and mythological creatures. The visual depiction of Mato is surreal and imaginative, transporting readers to a sinister yet fascinating parallel world.

The Main Characters

The central protagonist of Chained Soldier is Yuuki Wakura, a 16-year old high school student who accidentally ends up transported to the dangerous demon realm of Mato. There, humans are enslaved by demons and forced to become “Chained Soldiers”, fighting for their monstrous masters. Yuuki becomes enslaved by the female demon hunter Kyoka Uzen, who puts him to work fighting demons while treating him cruelly.

Despite his enslavement, Yuuki retains his kind personality and desire to protect others. He builds relationships with the other Chained Soldiers and hopes to one day return home. Yuuki must also learn to contend with the mystical slave collar around his neck that forces him to follow Kyoka’s orders. His character arc involves learning to survive in the brutal world of Mato while holding onto his humanity.

Kyoka Uzen is a skilled female monster hunter who enslaves Yuuki for her own purposes upon finding him lost in Mato. She is a complex antagonist, cold and cruel to Yuuki but fighting to protect humanity from evil demons. Kyoka views Yuuki as merely a tool at first but comes to respect his determination. Their relationship is complicated, adversarial but bonded by their shared goal of survival.

The Dark Fantasy Elements

The dark fantasy realm of Mato is a key part of what sets Chained Soldier apart. Mato is described as a chaotic demon realm filled with monsters and evil creatures that regularly pass through gates into the human world. The setting combines classic fantasy tropes like dragons and magic with more horror-inspired elements.

Mato is portrayed as a barren, twisted version of the human realm. The skies are constantly dark with rolling clouds and lightning storms. The terrain is jagged mountains, deep canyons, and ash wastes. Ruins of castles and fortresses dot the landscapes, remnants of ancient wars against demonic forces.

All manner of twisted creatures inhabit Mato, from fanged demons to hulking ogres. Danger lurks everywhere, with bloodthirsty monsters constantly battling each other and hunting humans for food or sport. The brutal environment shapes the inhabitants into primal, vicious beings.

Magic is common in Mato, though often used for dark purposes. Sorcerers and warlocks command powerful black magics fueled by blood and death. Monsters utilize magic internally for their own mutated abilities. The environment itself seems imbued with magical energy.

The setting provides an air of foreboding supernatural horror to the fantasy. Mato heightens the sense of danger and conflict as the demonic forces try to spill out into the human world. Overall, the dark fantasy realm is a perfect backdrop for the mature themes of Chained Soldier.

Mature Themes in Chained Soldier

One of the most controversial aspects of Chained Soldier is its dark, mature content that includes graphic violence, gore, and sexual themes.

The violence portrayed throughout the manga is gruesome and explicit, with intense scenes of bloodshed and brutal killings. Major characters meet gory ends, including decapitations and dismemberments.

According to one review on Anime-Planet, “The depictions of violence are not sugar-coated. There are scenes of torture and disturbing deaths. The violence has a strong physical and emotional impact.”

Chained Soldier also contains a significant amount of sexual content and nudity, mainly through the depiction of the female monster hunters. Scenes of a sexual nature or showing nudity are frequent.

As described in a Reddit discussion, “There’s a lot of gratuitous nudity and suggestiveness with how the girls are portrayed. It feels very much designed for the male gaze.”

This mature content has led to accusations of misogyny and exploitation from critics. However, defenders argue it is simply a stylistic choice fitting the dark fantasy setting.

Comparisons to Other Dark Fantasy Manga

Chained Soldier shares some similarities with other popular dark fantasy manga, but also has its own distinct tone and themes.

Like Berserk, Chained Soldier contains extreme violence, gore, and dark supernatural elements. Both series follow a lone male protagonist trapped in a cruel, unforgiving world. However, Berserk has a more medieval European fantasy setting compared to the demonic Japanese-inspired realm of Mato in Chained Soldier.

Goblin Slayer is another violent, mature-rated fantasy manga. But while Goblin Slayer focuses on dark subject matter like rape, Chained Soldier explores themes of slavery and submission in a more provocative way. The explicit sexuality and BDSM undertones differentiate it from Goblin Slayer’s style of shock value.

Overall, while sharing similarities to other notable dark fantasy manga, Chained Soldier stands out for its Japanese inspired demon realm, dynamic female characters, and central theme of slavery which drives much of the mature content and controversy surrounding the series.

Critical Reception and Controversy

While Chained Soldier has built a loyal fanbase due to its dark fantasy elements and action scenes, the series has also garnered significant criticism and controversy, especially regarding accusations of misogyny and sexual exploitation of female characters.

Many reviewers have critiqued Chained Soldier for what they see as gratuitous and unnecessary sexualization of female characters. For example, one review on Manga-Planet states, “The outfits for all the female characters are extremely revealing and only seem designed to provide fanservice. It’s distracting and takes away from the story.” (Anime-Planet)

Other frequent criticisms center around the plot device of the main female protagonists being “monster hunters” who rely on seduction and revealing outfits as their primary weapons and skills. Many find this characterization to promote the objectification and sexualization of women. As one Reddit user wrote, “The female monster hunters are basically just drawn as fap material without any real depth or nuance to their characters beyond their cup sizes.” (Reddit)

Overall, accusations of misogynistic themes and the exploitation of female sexuality are common critiques among reviewers of Chained Soldier. While the series has its defenders, many find its gratuitous use of sexually provocative content detrimental to the experience and immersion into its dark fantasy setting.

Defense of Chained Soldier

While Chained Soldier has garnered controversy and criticism over its mature themes, there are arguments in defense of the manga and discussion around whether such criticism is valid.

Some defend Chained Soldier as simply fantasy entertainment, with no real world implications. As a fictional story, the extreme content is seen as escapism and not meant to be taken seriously or literally. Critics are accused of overreacting and being overly sensitive about fictional material.

Others argue the criticism shows cultural differences, as Japanese manga/anime fans view the content very differently than Western audiences. Defenders claim Japanese fans understand the exaggerated nature and tropes of the genre, which Western critics may misinterpret.

There’s also debate around whether Chained Soldier actually promotes misogyny and harmful values. Some argue the manga’s depiction of strong female characters subverts sexist tropes. While containing controversial elements, the story does not necessarily endorse them.

Some defend the freedom of artists to explore provocative themes, even if offensive to some. They see critics as imposing values on creative works. Others counter that all art influences attitudes and should be mindful of potential harm.

There are reasonable arguments on both sides. Perhaps the most balanced view acknowledges artistic freedom as well as the responsibility attached to creating popular media consumed by impressionable fans.

Legacy and Influence

Chained Soldier had a significant impact on the dark fantasy genre, particularly in manga and anime. Its unforgivingly grim tone and controversial themes inspired many similarly provocative series. Many critics cite Chained Soldier as popularizing the “grimdark” aesthetic in Japanese pop culture.

Series such as Attack on Titan, Goblin Slayer, and Berserk have followed Chained Soldier’s example with shocking gore, sexual violence, and dystopian settings. While not always as extreme, these series channel the same nihilistic spirit that defines Chained Soldier. Its impact reshaped Japanese perceptions of dark fantasy, paving the way for more adult-oriented manga and anime to find mainstream success.

Beyond manga, Chained Soldier also influenced fantasy video games, novels, and films. Its imagery and creatures appear in many dark fantasy works across mediums. While divisive, Chained Soldier remains one of the most iconic manga of its genre. Its controversial legacy continues to shape the boundaries and aesthetics of dark fantasy today.


Despite generating significant controversy over its dark and mature themes, Chained Soldier has undoubtedly left its mark as an impactful dark fantasy manga. While some critics have accused it of misogyny and exploitation, it continues to find a dedicated audience drawn to its gritty fantasy world and provocative storyline. Its willingness to tackle controversial subjects head-on within the context of fantasy entertainment has influenced many other manga artists and expanded the boundaries of what is considered acceptable content. While not without flaws, Chained Soldier’s creative vision and stunning artwork has earned it a cult following that eagerly awaits each new shocking chapter. Its creative legacy will likely continue inspiring future generations of manga readers looking for something on the edgier side of fantasy. Chained Soldier proves that a divisive manga that stirs up strong reactions may sometimes leave the biggest impression.

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