Attack on Titan Walls

attack on titan walls

Fortress of Humanity: Decoding the Walls in “Attack on Titan”

attack on titan walls

There are certain elements within a series that stand as iconic symbols. In “Attack on Titan,” the colossal structures known as the Walls serve as both a physical and metaphorical barrier against the relentless threat of the Titans. In this article, we explore the significance, mysteries, and lore surrounding the colossal walls that define the world within “Attack on Titan.”

The Three Walls: Maria, Rose, and Sheena

In the anime, the world is surrounded by three colossal walls—Maria, Rose, and Sheena. These walls were constructed to shield humanity from the Titans, gigantic humanoid creatures that devour humans. The walls create a false sense of security for the residents within, with Maria being the outermost wall, Rose in the middle, and Sheena as the innermost.

Height and Construction: Engineering Marvels

The walls are towering structures, and their construction is a testament to human engineering. The vertical maneuvering equipment used by the Survey Corps is designed to navigate the walls’ heights. The construction’s details are not extensively explored in the anime, but the walls’ scale and height play a crucial role in the narrative.

The Initial Breach: Shattering Illusions

The anime takes a dramatic turn when the colossal Titan breaches Wall Maria in the first episode. This event shatters the illusion of safety within the walls, exposing humanity to the relentless threat of the Titans. It sets the stage for Eren Yeager and his friends to join the Survey Corps and unravel the mysteries beyond the walls.

Titan Origins and Wall Titans: Unraveling Mysteries

As the series progresses, the origins of the Titans and the colossal structures become central mysteries. The revelation of the Wall Titans—the colossal beings embedded within the walls—occurs in later seasons, adding a layer of complexity to the history and purpose of the walls. This revelation plays a pivotal role in shaping the characters’ understanding of their world.

The Wall Cult: Guardians of Secrets

The Wall Cult, also known as the Order of the Walls, is a mysterious and devout group within the anime. They guard secrets related to the Titans, the history of the walls, and the true nature of the world outside. The cult’s role becomes increasingly significant as the characters seek answers and confront the mysteries surrounding the walls.


Q: Why were the Walls constructed in “Attack on Titan”?

  • A: The Walls were built to protect humanity from the Titans, who pose a constant threat outside. They serve as a last line of defense for the survival of the human race.

Q: What are the names of the three Walls, and is there significance to the naming?

  • A: The three Walls are Maria, Rose, and Sheena. While the significance of the names is not immediately clear, they add a layer of symbolism and mystery to the narrative.

Q: How tall are the Walls in “Attack on Titan”?

  • A: The Walls vary in height, with Maria being the tallest, followed by Rose and Sheena. The exact measurements are not explicitly provided in the series.

Q: What is the significance of the breach of Wall Maria in the story?

  • A: The breach of Wall Maria is a pivotal moment, as it exposes humanity to the Titans and sets the characters on a path of survival, discovery, and conflict.

Q: What are the Wall Titans, and why are they embedded within the walls?

  • A: The Wall Titans are colossal beings embedded within the walls. Their exact purpose and origin are central mysteries in the series, adding to the intrigue and complexity of the narrative.

Q: How did the breach of Wall Maria impact the residents within the walls?

  • A: The breach led to significant upheaval, forcing residents to confront the reality of Titans and triggering a series of events that shape the narrative.

Q: Are there theories or speculations about the true nature of the Walls in the “Attack on Titan” community?

  • A: Yes, the “Attack on Titan” community has generated numerous theories and speculations about the Walls, the Wall Titans, and their connection to the overarching story.

Q: What role does the Wall Cult play in the series, and what secrets do they hold?

  • A: The Wall Cult is a mysterious group that guards secrets about the Titans, the history of the walls, and the true nature of the world. Their role becomes increasingly significant as the story unfolds.

Q: Are there instances of the walls being breached multiple times in the series?

  • A: Yes, the walls face multiple breaches throughout the series, each event marking a critical turning point in the narrative.

Q: How does the symbolism of the Walls contribute to the themes of the “Attack on Titan” series?

  • A: The Walls symbolize both physical and metaphorical barriers, exploring themes of isolation, confinement, and the consequences of facing external threats.

The Walls in “Attack on Titan” stand not only as physical structures protecting humanity but also as symbolic representations of the complex and layered narrative within the series.

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