Attack on Titan Main Characters

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Unveiling the Titans: A Comprehensive Guide to the Main Characters of “Attack on Titan”

“Attack on Titan” features a diverse cast of characters, each playing a crucial role in the unfolding narrative. Here are some of the main characters from the series:

Eren Yeager: The Relentless Protagonist

Eren Yeager

At the heart of “Attack on Titan” is Eren Yeager, the determined and tenacious protagonist. Eren’s journey from a curious young boy yearning for freedom to a pivotal figure in the fight against the Titans forms the backbone of the series.

Mikasa Ackerman: The Loyal Warrior

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren’s adoptive sister, Mikasa Ackerman, stands as a beacon of loyalty and strength. Her unparalleled combat skills and unwavering dedication to Eren make her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Armin Arlert: The Strategic Thinker

Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert, Eren’s childhood friend, evolves from a timid individual to a strategic thinker essential to the survival of humanity. His intelligence and analytical abilities contribute significantly to the Survey Corps.

Levi Ackerman: The Stoic Captain

Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi Ackerman leads the elite Survey Corps Special Operations Squad. Renowned for his exceptional combat skills and stoic demeanor, Levi becomes a fan-favorite character in the series.

Historia Reiss: The True Heir

Historia Reiss

Initially known as Krista Lenz, Historia Reiss emerges as a central figure in the political intrigue of “Attack on Titan.” Her journey from a trainee to the true heir to the throne adds layers to the narrative.

Jean Kirstein: The Pragmatic Survivor

Jean Kirstein

Jean Kirstein, a former member of the 104th Training Corps, brings a pragmatic and level-headed perspective to the group. His character development reflects the harsh realities of the world they inhabit.

Connie Springer: The Friendly Trainee

Connie Springer

Connie Springer, known for his friendly nature, transitions from a reluctant trainee to a dedicated member of the Survey Corps. His character adds a touch of camaraderie to the series.

Sasha Braus: The Marksmanship Marvel

Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus, affectionately called “Potato Girl” by fans, is known for her love of food and exceptional marksmanship skills. Her humor and marksmanship contribute to the diverse dynamics of the group.

Erwin Smith: The Charismatic Commander

Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith, the former Commander of the Survey Corps, embodies charisma and strategic leadership. His sacrifices and unwavering determination make him a pivotal figure in humanity’s struggle.

Annie Leonhart: The Enigmatic Warrior

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart, initially a fellow trainee, is revealed to be the Female Titan. Her character’s complexities and role in key plot points add intrigue to the narrative.


Q: Who is the main protagonist of “Attack on Titan”?

  • A: Eren Yeager serves as the main protagonist, driving the narrative with his quest for freedom and vengeance against the Titans.

Q: What makes Mikasa Ackerman a standout character?

  • A: Mikasa’s exceptional combat skills, unwavering loyalty to Eren, and character development contribute to her standout status in the series.

Q: Is Levi Ackerman a central character in the series?

  • A: Yes, Levi Ackerman is a central and fan-favorite character, leading the elite Special Operations Squad within the Survey Corps.

Q: How does Armin Arlert contribute to the Survey Corps?

  • A: Armin’s intelligence and strategic thinking play a crucial role in the survival and decision-making of the Survey Corps.

Q: What is Historia Reiss’s significance in the political intrigue of the series?

  • A: Historia Reiss’s true identity as the heir to the throne adds a layer of political intrigue, impacting the broader narrative.

Q: Does “Attack on Titan” focus solely on action, or does it delve into character development?

  • A: The series masterfully balances intense action sequences with profound character development, exploring the complexities of the characters.

Q: Are there other notable characters in “Attack on Titan” beyond the main ones mentioned?

  • A: Yes, “Attack on Titan” features a diverse cast of characters, each contributing uniquely to the narrative. The ones mentioned here are key figures.

Q: How does the series handle the theme of survival and camaraderie among the characters?

  • A: The theme of survival and camaraderie is central to “Attack on Titan,” shaping the characters’ interactions and the overall narrative.

Q: Are there character arcs and plot developments that surprise viewers throughout the series?

  • A: Yes, “Attack on Titan” is known for its unpredictable plot twists and character arcs, keeping viewers engaged with unexpected developments.

Q: Can new viewers easily connect with the characters, or is prior knowledge of anime necessary?

  • A: “Attack on Titan” is accessible to both seasoned anime enthusiasts and newcomers, with characters and themes that resonate universally.

Explore the diverse personalities, unravel the mysteries, and join the journey with the main characters of “Attack on Titan” as they navigate the titan-filled universe!

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