Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I actually the strongest

A twenty-year-old dude hopes to live a quiet and peaceful life after being reborn in another world. His goddess has promised him great abilities, as she wants him to enjoy his second life to the fullest. But in his new home, magic rules the world, and he has no luck at birth. Since his royal family felt that he was born with no powers worth mentioning, his new parents disowned him immediately after his birth and had him taken to a distant forest, where he was immediately attacked by a wolf in the form of a baby.

His parents’ assessment quickly turns out to be wrong, for his strength was simply too high to be measured correctly. So, in truth, he possesses incredible magical abilities, and the attacking wolf even believes him to be the reincarnation of the demon king. Therefore, the magic-gifted wolf Flay, who can assume a human form, recognizes him as her rightful master, whom she wants to follow in the future.

After the battle, the newborn Reinhardt is taken in by Margrave Gold, who gives him the new name of Haruto, and he spends the next few years growing up in his family, along with his stepsister Charlotte, to whom he introduces the world of anime. However, his goal has not changed, as he wants to use his powers for nothing less than to make a perfect life of seclusion and laziness possible!

But the situations he keeps getting into or finding himself was taking away the chances of being a potato couch, he was recommended by the King’s son (Who is actually his brother, because the king is his father who abandoned him) [The king’s son after he was putted to shame by himself challenging Haruto to a fight because of being a false Level magic user]  to a school and could not turn the offer down.

He planned on failing the test so he could get expelled instantly, but unfortunately the doctor who is to mark the script she’s a weirdo, and finds him worthy of being in the school (Actually there is more to just finding him worthy) also because he wrote the answer to a question exactly how the doctor wrote it in her book.

In Conclusion, he his stocked in the school as he sent his clone to go on his behalf. But his clone doesn’t have magic there he cast protection spell on him. That same day his clone carefully walked into an argument as he was trying not to get noticed, and was attacked by magic, thanks to the protection, he didn’t die but stood up forgetting he was avoiding being in the midst of the argument.

3 thoughts on “Am I Actually the Strongest?

  1. Soo it’s really nice one just needs a bit if readjusting and that’s in the sentences used at a point I got cut off from the story summary due to sentence used but it does interest me to watch the actual movie soo it’s a nice job.

  2. I think u go focused too much on every episode so now it seems ur basically retelling the entire story instead of putting in ur thoughts on it.

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