A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 58: Secrets Unveiled and Battles Begun

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

A Returners Magic Should Be Special: Introduction

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is a popular Korean webtoon written by SUN-WOO and illustrated by So-Nan Yoo that initially launched in 2017. The fantasy series follows Desir Arman, a 25-year-old who wakes up 13 years in the past as his 13-year-old self after being killed while trying to save his party members during a massacre at Orc Tower.

With his future knowledge and experience as a veteran adventurer, Desir returns to his past self with newfound resolve and a drive to grow stronger and protect his friends to change this fateful future. The story chronicles his efforts as he enrolls in an adventurer’s school and strives to advance his magical abilities, guided by his recollection of future events that are destined to unfold if he does not act to change the course of history.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special

Summary of Previous Chapters

In the previous 57 chapters of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, we’ve seen Desir Arman, a modern-day shadow soldier, return to his past life in a world of magic after dying on a mission.

Some highlights so far:

  • Desir was an outcast at the A stellar Academy due to his lack of magic but through hard work and determination learned unique skills like Mana Manipulation. He formed close bonds with his friends Romantica and Pram.
  • Desir saved Romantica from being kidnapped by Northface. The adventurers defeated the demon Gobi and Desir learned the shadow transformation spell Diablo from his grimoire.
  • The Kingdom of Elpasa was invaded by the Empire. Desir led the adventurers against the imperial forces and awakened his abilities as the Shadow of the Great Federal Ruler Licht.
  • After the war, Desir traveled to the Tower of the Sage and learned to control his federal ruler powers, gaining new abilities like Flash Step.
  • Desir was finally reunited with his first love, Pram, who he had thought died 3 years ago. She traveled back in time using the Sage’s power to reunite with Desir.
  • Now Desir and Pram have returned to Avesta to aid in the fight against the demon king’s army. The latest battle brought the revelation that Zod is being manipulated by the evil god Diablo.

This sets the stage for the events in chapter 58!

Chapter 58 Overview

Chapter 58 picks up right where chapter 57 left off, with Desir arriving in Romantica to assist Advent against the demon horde. This chapter mainly focuses on the ongoing conflict between Advent and the demons.

Some key events that occur in this chapter include:

  • Desir reuniting with his friend Pram, who is shocked to see him alive and well after thinking he was dead. They share an emotional moment and catch up on the recent events.
  • The Advent forces struggle to fight off the endless waves of demons, but Desir’s arrival turns the tide with his powerful new abilities.
  • Desir unleashes powerful spiritual attacks on the demons, decimating their numbers. This includes using his spirit storm ability to wipe out hundreds of demons at once.
  • Romantica also shows off new abilities she has awakened, including summoning angel wings to fly and shoot beams of holy light. Her powers have grown considerably.
  • The demon commander Hebrion engages Desir in a one-on-one fight but is ultimately no match for him. Desir defeats Hebrion, dealing a major blow to the demons.
  • Despite Desir’s efforts, it seems the demons are still endless in number. The chapter ends with the demons regrouping for another wave of attacks.

Desir’s Reunion with Pram

Desir is overjoyed to be reunited with Pram again after her sudden disappearance previously. Their relationship has clearly grown deeper, as evidenced by the tender embrace they share.

Despite the ongoing conflict, Desir and Pram are able to find solace in each other’s presence. Pram seems relieved that Desir still cares for her, despite her being revealed as an enemy.

This reunion highlights Desir’s compassion and willingness to see the good in people, even when they’ve made mistakes. His rekindled bond with Pram appears unshaken, defying the barriers between the factions they belong to.

Their moments together are a calm amidst the storm of the intense Advent vs Demon clashes occurring around them. For now, the two are focused only on each other, forgetting the battles waging nearby.

This section provides an emotional touchpoint as relationships are reforged. It represents hope – that even warring groups can find understanding.

Advent vs Demon Conflict

The conflict between the Advent and the Demons continues to escalate in this chapter. After the previous demon attack on the city, tensions are high between the two factions.

This chapter sees several clashes between Advents and Demons. Desir leads a team to track down the demons responsible for the prior attack. During this mission, they encounter a powerful demon named Reviatar who nearly kills Romantica before being driven off by Desir and Adjest.

Later, a group of demons ambush some Advents outside the city. A fierce battle erupts, showcasing the new abilities Desir and his allies gained from drinking Pram’s blood. Desir unveils spell negation, allowing him to disable enemy magics. Romantica displays her strengthened ice abilities. The Advents ultimately prevail, but the Demons’ willingness to attack so close to the city signals rising tensions.

Several foreboding moments also hint at darker events to come. Reviatar vows revenge, signaling he will return. A mystery figure sends the demons to attack the Advents, implying a hidden enemy is manipulating events behind the scenes. And the city itself seems on edge, with citizens gossiping about demons.

Overall, this chapter develops the escalating Advent vs Demon conflict, which may be building towards an explosive clash. Key characters gain new powers, even as new enemies and mysteries emerge to complicate matters further. The stage is set for major confrontations ahead.

New Abilities Showcased

In chapter 58, Desir and his allies display exciting new abilities and powers that they have developed. Desir reveals new spells and techniques he learned during his intensive training period after returning to the past. With greater mana capacity and control, Desir is able to unleash more powerful spells.

One highlight is Desir using a new area attack spell called Wave Explosion to defeat a large group of demons at once. His party members also showcase upgraded abilities. Romantica reveals her awakened powers as a warrior priestess, using new light and healing spells. She is able to support and protect the party better during battles. Pram also displays her enhanced aura manipulation and combat techniques using her swordsmanship.

It’s exciting to see the heroes’ powers continue to grow as they gain more experience. Their new abilities will surely help during the ongoing conflict with the demons. Desir and his friends are becoming an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Romantica’s Character Growth

In chapter 58 of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, we see significant character growth and maturation from Romantica.

At the start of the series, Romantica was often portrayed as selfish, petty, and jealous – especially towards Desir. She would frequently belittle Desir and get upset when he succeeded. However, Romantica has gradually evolved over the course of the story.

In this latest chapter, Romantica puts aside her petty jealousy towards Desir. When she sees Desir reunite emotionally with his former love Pram, Romantica does not get upset. Instead, she gives them space and understands that Desir went through many hardships in the past.

Additionally, Romantica showcases wisdom and leadership skills when confronting the demon threat. She coordinates well with her allies and comes up with clever strategies to fight the demons. This shows that Romantica is not just skilled with magic, but also emotionally intelligent and a capable leader.

Overall, Romantica’s maturation highlights that even initially unlikable characters can grow over time. She became less self-centered and more considerate of others’ feelings. Romantica gained confidence in herself, without needing to compare to or compete with Desir. Her character development makes Romantica more sympathetic and adds complexity to the story.


This chapter contains some subtle hints about events that may occur later in the story.

The mysterious figure who healed Romantica seems significant, and it’s implied we may learn more about them and why they helped Romantica. Their powers seem unusual, so their identity raises intriguing questions.

There are also hints that the Demon race may continue to be a threat, despite this battle ending in victory for Advent. With their leader still alive and new demon children being born, it seems the conflict between the two races is likely to resurface.

Additionally, Romantica’s emerging powers and confidence suggest she may play an important role going forward. Her magic is evolving rapidly, foreshadowing that Romantica may become much more formidable.

While the focus is currently on Desir and Pram’s reunion, these hints of looming threats and Romantica’s growth seem to foreshadow challenges and adventures to come. Subtle elements like these start to pave the way for future story arcs.

Analysis of Key Events

Chapter 58 contains several pivotal scenes that drive the plot forward and reveal more about the characters. Here is a deeper look at some of the key events:

  • Desir’s emotional reunion with Pram: After being separated for so long, Desir is finally reunited with his dear friend Pram. Their heartfelt conversation highlights how much they care for each other, with Pram even agreeing to accompany Desir on his dangerous mission against the demon king. This touching scene underscores their deep bond.
  • Romantica’s growth: During the fight against the advents, Romantica unleashes powerful new abilities, signaling how much stronger she has become. She is also able to put aside her pride and jealousy for Pram’s sake, showcasing emotional maturity. This character development makes Romantica more sympathetic.
  • Foreshadowing from the Demon King: The Demon King ominously warns that Desir doesn’t understand his own magic’s true nature. This builds anticipation that Desir will eventually unlock formidable new skills. The Demon King’s interest in Desir also hints that they are connected in some way, foreshadowing future revelations.
  • Ten-sided magical barrier: The advents manage to trap the Demon King behind a powerful ten-sided magical barrier, the strongest of its kind. This demonstrates the threat the Demon King poses and the incredible magic needed to contain him, raising the stakes going forward.

By spotlighting these pivotal moments, the chapter moves the overall narrative forward while revealing more about the characters and conflict. These scenes will reverberate throughout future chapters.

Looking Ahead

Chapter 58 ends on a cliffhanger, with the Demon Lord’s forces launching a surprise attack on the city. This leaves many questions to be answered in the next chapter.

Based on the ending of chapter 58, I speculate that chapter 59 will focus heavily on the battles between the Advent and Demon forces. Both sides seem to have powered up their abilities, so we will likely see exciting new moves and magic. Key characters like Romantica, Pram, and Desir will need to step up to defend the city.

Beyond the action, there are several story threads chapter 59 could explore:

  • How will Desir react when he learns the Demon Lord’s forces have returned? He may grapple with guilt over not defeating the Demon Lord previously.
  • Will Romantica’s new confidence in battle continue? She has grown as a mage, but still struggles with self-doubt.
  • What will happen when Desir and Pram reunite? There may be emotional moments between the longtime friends.
  • Could there be more twists, betrayals, or surprise arrivals? The story has steadily built up mysteries, so chapter 59 could reveal major new developments.
  • Will Desir reveal the full truth to anyone about his past life? Romantica remains curious, so Desir may need to make a big decision soon.

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