Desir Hones His Team’s Combos Against the Looming Shadow Labyrinth in A Returner’s Magic Chapter 183

A Returner's Magic Chapter 183


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is a popular Korean webtoon that has developed a devoted fanbase for its unique take on the fantasy genre. Centered around Desir Arman, a modern-day gamer who is sent back in time to his past life in a magical world, the series showcases inventive worldbuilding and captivating characters.

The story begins when Desir, on the brink of death, is transported 13 years into his past self. Armed with the extensive magical knowledge of his previous life, Desir enrolls in a magical academy and aims to change the fate of those he cares about while hiding his powerful abilities. Alongside his friends, including the talented fire mage Romantica, Desir has steadily grown in strength while uncovering dark plots and exploring the mysteries of magic.

Now over 180 chapters in, A Returner’s Magic has built up significant lore and character development as Desir continues training with his allies. The story left off with Desir coordinating rigorous combo training, displaying his growing strategic leadership, in preparation for the looming conflict with the dangerous Shadow Labyrinth forces.

A Returner's Magic Chapter 183

Summary of Chapter 183

In chapter 183 of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, Desir begins training his friends rigorously in preparation for the looming conflict with the Shadow Labyrinth forces. The training focuses heavily on teamwork and developing combo moves that allow the characters to synergize their different magical abilities and fighting styles (Source).

Desir takes the lead in coordinating the training sessions, showcasing his tactical thinking and leadership skills. He carefully analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each character, then sets up specialized regimens to help them improve. Desir also begins instructing his comrades on combo moves tailored to their abilities, preparing them to fight together as a cohesive unit.

As the training intensifies, tensions rise among the group. This foreshadows the coming conflicts they will soon face. While Desir remains calmly focused, his friends struggle with the grueling pace he sets. However, their skills and teamwork slowly improve under Desir’s stringent guidance. The chapter ends with an air of anticipation, hinting at the trials still ahead for Desir and his allies.

Analysis of Training Combos

In this chapter, Desir begins training his friends in preparation for the Shadow Labyrinth by focusing on teamwork and combo moves between their different magic abilities. We get an in-depth breakdown of the combo training between characters, which highlights Desir’s tactical thinking and training regimen.

For example, Desir has Pram and Romantica work on combining their abilities for greater impact, with Pram enchanting Romantica’s sword with lightning magic before she strikes. This showcases how Desir is strategizing ways for the team to leverage their powers together for maximum effect.

In addition, we see great growth among the side characters as they gain confidence in themselves and their skills under Desir’s guidance. For instance, Adjest gains more control over his berserker abilities while Grier learns to infuse his shield with mana to withstand strong attacks. The training is clearly developing the teamwork and individual prowess of the entire cast.


Desir’s Growth as a Leader

In chapter 183, we see Desir continuing to grow into his leadership role as he coordinates the training for his friends. According to research, people desire strategic thinking and vision in their leaders (Nichols, 2014). Desir demonstrates these traits as he carefully crafts the training regimen to improve his comrades’ skills and teamwork.

Desir focuses the training on developing combo moves between the magic abilities of different characters. He has a strategic vision for how these combo attacks can give them an advantage in the coming conflict. As Nichols (2016) notes, leadership experience affects the value leaders place on certain traits. Through his experiences, Desir understands the importance of teamwork and leveraging each person’s strengths.

In addition, Desir’s training approach is helping the other characters gain confidence and improve their abilities. He patiently mentors each person and offers strategic advice tailored to their needs. Researchers have found that people desire leaders who can develop confidence in others (Nichols, 2014). We see Desir excelling in this area, showcasing his growth as an inspiring leader.

Romantica’s Character Development

As Desir’s training intensifies in preparation for the Shadow Labyrinth, we also see significant development in Romantica’s character. Romantica has always had a close relationship with Desir since their childhood, but in chapter 183 her true feelings for him start becoming much more evident.

There are several tense moments between Desir and Romantica that highlight the romantic tension slowly coming to the forefront. For example, when Desir puts his hand on Romantica’s to correct her magic stance, she blushes intensely at his touch. Their magic training together takes on deeper meaning as we see Romantica’s fondness for Desir growing.

This could certainly complicate the group dynamics moving forward. Romantica seems to be on the cusp of revealing her deeper affection for Desir, which would undoubtedly impact the team atmosphere. With the Shadow Labyrinth looming ahead, Romantica’s shifting feelings and relationship with Desir could affect the focus needed for their dangerous mission.

Foreshadowing the Shadow Labyrinth

Based on the intense training Desir is putting the team through, it seems clear that a major conflict is looming with the forces of the Shadow Labyrinth. The Shadow Labyrinth is known to house dangerous monsters and sinister artifacts, as noted on sites like [Drawn to Life Wiki]( Desir likely expects the team will soon have to put their new combo abilities to the test against these deadly foes.

We can expect to see the characters wield new combo moves utilizing their unique magic abilities, like Adjest combining his healing power with Romantica’s elemental spells. Desir has been strategic in crafting combinations that maximize the team’s strengths. However, the romantic escalation between Desir and Romantica could throw off their teamwork. Romantica was visibly flustered when Desir touched her hand during training – such distractions could prove dangerous if not addressed.

But Desir is keeping the team focused on their goal, pushing them to hone their skills in preparation for the looming battles. While the Shadow Labyrinth will surely prove a difficult challenge, this training arc shows the party is ready to take on whatever evil awaits them within its dark halls.


In chapter 183 of A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, we see significant development for both the plot and characters. Desir begins intensive training of his friends in preparation for the coming conflict with the Shadow Labyrinth. The training focuses on teamwork and combo moves between different magic abilities, highlighting Desir’s leadership as he coordinates the regiments. We also see romantic tensions growing between Desir and Romantica.

The training showcases the tactical thinking of Desir as he devises combo moves tailored to the strengths of each character. Under his diligent guidance, the side characters grow tremendously in both skill and confidence. Meanwhile, Romantica’s feelings for Desir bubble to the surface during their joint training.

Moving forward, we can expect to see these new combo moves utilized against the forces of the Shadow Labyrinth. The training will be put to the test as Desir leads his friends into the coming challenges. However, the rising romantic complications may also create turbulence within the group. Chapter 183 sets the stage for an exciting next phase in A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special.

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